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Coffee in Cameroon is primarily grown by subsistence farmers that have small plots of land in the northwestern region of Cameroon. The Northwest Region or as the French call it, RĂ©gion du Nord-Ouest of Cameroon is part of the territory of the Southern Cameroons. Our supplier, Crop Hub works with a gentleman named Matti Foncha in order to implement a supply chain at the origin. Because subsistence farmers cannot directly export small amounts of product themselves, we implement a high traceability process to track exactly how many bags come from each producer and directly import the product without blending it.

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Cameroon has also been going through a period of political turmoil, which is quite serious. This has been impeding the progress of coffee growing and work in general. Matti Foncha continues to provide the youth with incentives, education, seeds, saplings and land to allow them to grow coffee and make a fair living; something they can be proud of.

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